Strengthening our community by encouraging acts of mutual kindness

Tendring Time Bank

General rules of participation

Everyone who volunteers to help someone should register their hours (by phone, e-mail, “credit card‿ “credit sheet‿or letter), these will be recorded on their account as Time Credits. This is crucial evidencing to funders that time banking really works.

There is no limit to the number of Time Credits a person can accrue. It may not be possible to spend them all; however, you are able to donate them to someone else.

The time bank operates in areas of the Tendring District only.

All reasonable requests will be replica watches organised as soon as an appropriate participant becomes available.

Participants can make a request regardless of whether they have enough Time Credits banked.

The Time Bank and its participants should not undertake tasks that are the responsibility of the local authority, housing association or landlord, or that involves main service (gas, electricity, or water) or any other activity that requires a trained and replica watches uk

Information on the organisation's Health and Safety, insurance or involvement policies is available to participants on request.

Participants should ensure that they have a reasonable understanding of the work involved for any assignments.

Participants should inform the time broker of any accidents and complete an accident form.

As a participant, you have the right to:

Be valued as part of the time bank through inclusion of meetings, social functions etc.

Know who to talk to with any problems.

Have your involvement valued by the Time Bank and its other participants.

Receive helpful and constructive feedback on your involvement.

Be covered by insurance.

Be free to negotiate your level of involvement in any assignments.

Be free to say “No‿with no repercussions or bad feelings.

Carry out your role without exploitation.

Be consulted on matters which directly or indirectly affect you and your involvement.

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