Strengthening our community by encouraging acts of mutual kindness

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Standards of Care

Thank you for your interest in joining Tendring Time Bank (TTB). Before joining, please take a few minutes to read the following membership rights, responsibilities and standards of care.

Membership Rights and Responsibilities

The Time Bank values you as a person. We aim to be approachable and to treat everyone with respect and fairness is the basis of swiss replica watches time banking. Everyone's skills are valued equally - one hour always equals one time credit regardless of the type of transaction and level of skill. TTB is committed to the fair treatment of everyone. We will, however, give particular priority to working with people whose participation in society is limited by economic, environmental or social disadvantage, exclusion or marginalisation. TTB has responsibility to maintain high replica watches uk standards for all its members; equally, as a TTB member you have responsibilities towards the Time Bank and to rolex replica other members.

Time Bank Standards of Care

Receive help, as well as give it, by spending your time credits, so that other members can make a difference and feel valued.

Treat all other people with dignity and respect and not to use any abusive, discriminatory or harassment that humiliates, exploits or undermines another person.

Refrain from promoting your political, religious or spiritual beliefs to other members. People's political and religious beliefs are respected, but TTB is not a vehicle for recruiting people to any organization or creed.

TTB is an equal opportunities organization, and will not welcome anyone promoting division on racial, sexual or other grounds.

Respect the privacy of other members and treat all personal information in confidence.

Do each task at the time and place agreed to, or give as much notice as possible if you can't.

Do tasks on your own or only with other Time Bank members.

Refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking indoors whilst doing a task for another member or receiving one.

Only consume someone else's food and drink when freely invited to do so.

Do not use other members‿communication devices (phones, tablets etc) for personal reasons.

Please do not use another member's vehicle.

The only monetary transactions allowed are the reimbursement of out pocket expenses or donations to the Time Bank.

Contact the Time Bank staff if a difficulty or problem arises.

Report any genuine concerns about the health, safety or well-being of another member to Time Bank staff.

Any behavior that breaches these Standards of Care is unacceptable and may lead to restriction, suspension or withdrawal of your Time Bank membership.

How Can We Help

We can a do lot to help each other - below are some of the things we help with at the moment - but if you want help with something different, then ask. If we don’t know how to help, we can point you in the right direction.

Jackie Wise


Dog Walking



Money Management

Form Filling





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